Ascension Energy & Raising Your Vibrational Frequency (Guided Meditation Class)

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Ascension energy refers to the energetic frequencies and vibrations associated with spiritual growth, transformation, and transcendence.

When you learn to work with a higher form of consciousness and shifting towards a more enlightened state of being it can have a positive impact on your life. Examples:

  • It can help you to elevate your consciousness, connect with higher dimensions, and align with your higher self.
  • It can also help with the activation and expansion of one's spiritual gifts and abilities.

Overall, ascension energy is a powerful force that supports personal evolution and the collective awakening of humanity.

Because Ascension energy is associated with higher vibrational frequencies. When your thoughts and intentions are aligned with these higher vibrations, they will have a stronger influence on manifesting your desires. This alignment can help you attract positive experiences, relationships, and opportunities into your life.

Your intuition can become more heightened and more accessible. As you tap into this intuitive guidance, you can receive clearer insights and directions on how to align your thoughts and intentions with your true purpose and desires. Which can lead to faster manifestation of your goals and intentions.

It also creates a stronger sense of oneness and interconnectedness with Spiritual and Universal Frequencies. This means that your thoughts and intentions can also co-create on a whole different level.

Here are some examples of spiritual gifts and abilities that can be activated and expanded through the influence of ascension energy:

1. Intuition: Ascension energy can enhance your intuitive abilities, allowing you to receive guidance and insights from higher realms.

2. Healing: It can activate your ability to heal yourself and others energetically, whether through energy work, Reiki, or other healing modalities.

3. Psychic Abilities: Ascension energy may awaken or amplify psychic gifts such as clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling), and claircognizance (clear knowing).

4. Channeling: It can open pathways for you to connect with higher beings, spirit guides, or your own higher self to receive messages and wisdom.

5. Mediumship: Ascension energy can facilitate communication with loved ones on the other side, helping you develop mediumistic abilities.

6. Manifestation: It can enhance your ability to manifest your desires and intentions more effortlessly and in alignment with your highest good.

7. Astral Projection: Ascension energy can support out-of-body experiences, allowing you to explore different dimensions and realms beyond the physical plane.

8. Telepathy: It may activate telepathic abilities, enabling you to communicate and receive information from others without verbal or physical means.

9. Spiritual Communication: It can strengthen your connection to your spiritual guides and enable clearer and more direct communication with them.


A 30 MINUTE TALK ~ About Ascension Energy and the powerful force and impact it can have on your life. What to look for when working with ascension energy and how to align with it better. I will also talk about fifth dimension energy and what that means.

A 30 MINUTE ASCENSION ENERGY MEDITATION ~ Designed to help you tune into this higher frequency energy and clear lower vibrational frequencies from people, places, or past energetic imprints.

A VIDEO ~ Of the talk and guided meditation session.

AN MP3 DOWNLOAD ~ Of the Ascension Meditation & 30 Minute Talk

** If you cannot attend the live class you will have access to a video recording and mp3 download of the meditation/class a few days after the event.

Your Instructor

Jennifer O'Neill
Jennifer O'Neill


My name is Jennifer O'Neill and I am a Spiritual Healer, Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive, Energetic Practioner.

For the past 30 years I've worked professionally in the metaphysical, spiritual health and wellness space. As a healer I have always been very interested in using my areas of expertise to teach people about metaphysics and how to use their own intuitive abilities. As well as, helping to heal others with my own abilities and knowledge on how to work with energy.

I was born looking at the world differently than most everyone else around me. The funny thing is I thought everyone was like me.

It wasn’t until I got older that I realized…I was born with a very special connection to the Spirit Realm.

This connection has allowed me to access things you can benefit from. Lots of information on how things work in the spiritual realm, how things work energetically in the physical realm, understanding universal laws, as well as how your energetic system and spiritual body affects your physical health. This information can help you to enhance your life and help you to live the best life possible.


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