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Ancestral energy can have a significant impact on our lives. It refers to the energetic imprints, patterns, and beliefs that are passed down from our ancestors through generations. And this energy can influence various aspects of our lives, such as:

  • Our behaviors
  • Emotions
  • Relationships
  • Physical health
Positive ancestral energy can provide a strong foundation for personal growth and success. It can manifest as qualities like:
  • Resilience
  • Wisdom
  • A strong sense of identity

It can also offer us positive role models and inspiration from our ancestors' successes and achievements.


Because negative ancestral energy can present challenges and obstacles in our lives...

It can manifest as patterns of behavior, limiting beliefs, unresolved traumas that have been passed down through generations.

These can create cycles of dysfunction or patterns of self-sabotage that we may find difficult to break free from.

But more importantly...


Ancestral trauma refers to the emotional or psychological wounds that are inherited from our ancestors. These traumas are passed down through our energy field and can have a lasting impact on our lives and can manifest in various ways.

Here are some ways ancestral trauma can affect us:

1. Emotional and Mental Health: Ancestral trauma can contribute to the development of anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions. It may result in feelings of sadness, fear, or anger that are rooted in unresolved ancestral experiences.

2. Relationship Patterns: Ancestral trauma can influence our relationships with others. For example, if our ancestors experienced relationship difficulties or abandonment, we may find ourselves repeating similar patterns in our own relationships.

3. Behaviors and Coping Mechanisms: Ancestral trauma can shape our behaviors and coping mechanisms. We may adopt certain defense mechanisms or self-destructive patterns as a way of dealing with the unresolved pain and trauma of our ancestors.

4. Physical Health: Ancestral trauma can also have an impact on our physical health. It can contribute to the development of chronic stress or stress-related illnesses, as well as other physical symptoms and conditions.

5. Self-Identity and Beliefs: Ancestral trauma can influence our sense of self and our beliefs about the world. It may lead to low self-esteem, feelings of unworthiness, or a distorted perception of reality.

6. Intergenerational Transmission: Ancestral trauma can be passed down through generations, creating a cycle of unresolved trauma within a family. This intergenerational transmission can perpetuate negative patterns and limit individual and familial growth.


A 30 MINUTE TALK ~ About Ancestral Energy and what impact it has on your emotional, physical, and spiritual health and well-being. To help you understand the way it's passed down through generations. As well as how to tell if it's present in your life, where it might show up, and what to look for. And why learning how to do an Ancestral Energy clearing is so extremely important.

A 30 MINUTE ANCESTRAL ENERGY MEDITATION ~ Designed to help you tune into and clear unwanted ancestral ties, and break ancestral energy links that might be passed onto future generations.

A VIDEO ~ Of the talk and guided meditation session.

AN MP3 DOWNLOAD ~ Of the Ancestral Meditation & 30 Minute Talk

** If you cannot attend the live class you will have access to a video recording and mp3 download of the meditation/class a few days after the event.

Your Instructor

Jennifer O'Neill
Jennifer O'Neill


My name is Jennifer O'Neill and I am a Spiritual Healer, Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive, Energetic Practioner.

For the past 30 years I've worked professionally in the metaphysical, spiritual health and wellness space. As a healer I have always been very interested in using my areas of expertise to teach people about metaphysics and how to use their own intuitive abilities. As well as, helping to heal others with my own abilities and knowledge on how to work with energy.

I was born looking at the world differently than most everyone else around me. The funny thing is I thought everyone was like me.

It wasn’t until I got older that I realized…I was born with a very special connection to the Spirit Realm.

This connection has allowed me to access things you can benefit from. Lots of information on how things work in the spiritual realm, how things work energetically in the physical realm, understanding universal laws, as well as how your energetic system and spiritual body affects your physical health. This information can help you to enhance your life and help you to live the best life possible.


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