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Here is a sneak peak of our Spiritual Bootcamp app coming soon... Everything will be in one place! Courses, meditations, podcast, energy reports and even our own private community! Where you can ask me questions and connect with other like minded individuals on their very own spiritual journey! The app will be part of your membership. So once it's live you will be sent a message on how to download the app and have everything right on your phone!


My SPIRITUAL BOOTCAMP MEMBERSHIP is not just a club but is designed to be much more than just that. With a strong emphasis on spiritual health & wellness, high frequency habits, energetic balancing, mindfulness, self-care and self-expression. My purpose is to help you readjust and align your vibration so that you are vibrating at the most optimal level for you! And in order to do this...

It takes consistency.

Which can be very hard to maintain on your own. But having a support system in place can make that goal so much easier. I want to be your support system. That's why I'm gearing you up monthly to do just that.

As a member you are encouraged to work actively on keeping your vibration high by learning how to discontinue bad energetic habits, creating new habits with pro frequency energy techniques, becoming more aware of your spiritual body and authentic self, embracing your unique gifts, abilities and talents, and contributing positively to the collective energy of the tribe.

πŸ€” How Do I Help You Do It? πŸ€”

As curator of the high vibe tribe I customize and create various activities and practices that teach you how to understand your spiritual body better, help you with energetic awareness, and promote ways to raise your vibration and tune into more positive energy.

These will include monthly meditations, energy healing talks or workshops, high vibe messages, and group discussions centered around high vibe energy, personal growth, and spirituality.

☯️ My Goal ☯️

Ultimately, my goal with Spiritual Bootcamp is to help you create a high vibration environment and maintain a high frequency energy flow. High frequency energy has a profound positive impact and creates a ripple affect on not only your health and wellness but on various other aspects of your life.

When you operate at a high vibrational frequency, you attract more positive experiences, people, and opportunities into your life.

πŸ§˜πŸ½β€β™€οΈ Why it matters πŸ§˜πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

Not only does your energetic frequency play a major role in rejuvenating your spiritual body such as moving new energy through, releasing old energy which is required for optimal health. But it also maintains a very profound affect on other areas of your life. Maintaining a high or low frequency essentially has a domino effect energetically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically...

And that makes it extremely important to stay on this higher frequency side of things.

Relationships: In terms of relationships, your energetic frequency can enhance your love life by attracting partners who are aligned with your values, goals, and desires. It creates a magnetic aura that draws in individuals who resonate with your positive energy, leading to more fulfilling and harmonious connections.

Mindset: Having a high vibrational energy also allows you to approach challenges and setbacks with optimism and resilience. You are better equipped to navigate through difficult situations, maintain a positive mindset, and find solutions. This positive outlook not only benefits your relationships but also contributes to your overall well-being and success in other areas of life

Your Purpose: Furthermore, high-frequency energy can promote personal growth and self-discovery. It enables you to tap into your inner wisdom, intuition, and creativity, allowing for deeper self-awareness and self-expression. This heightened awareness helps you make choices that are in alignment with your true self and brings a sense of fulfillment and purpose to your life.

Spiritual, Physical, Emotional Health & Wellness: Operating at a high vibrational frequency helps your to to maintain spiritual health and wellness at the most optimal level. It promotes a healthy flow of life force energy throughout the body which helps to release stagnant or negative energy that may be contributing to physical ailments or emotional imbalances. Furthermore, high-frequency energy can improve your vitality, support the body's natural healing processes, boost the immune system, and promote overall wellness. When your energy is flowing freely and harmoniously, you may experience increased energy, better sleep, and a reduced risk of illness and disease.

Anxiety, Stress, Fear: Emotionally, high-frequency energy can help you let go of negative emotions, such as fear, stress, and anger. It can promote feelings of peace, joy, and love, fostering healthier relationships and a greater sense of inner peace. This can contribute to improved mental and emotional well-being, leading to reduced levels of anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges.

Manifesting: High-frequency energy helps you to manifest by aligning your thoughts, emotions, and actions with the positive experiences you desire. When you operate at a high vibrational frequency, you emit a powerful energetic signal that attracts similar frequencies or vibrations enhancing your ability to manifest your desires, experience joy and gratitude, and create meaningful and satisfying relationships.

Quality of Life: High-frequency energy can elevate your overall quality of life by improving your physical health, emotional well-being, relationships, and overall satisfaction with life. It allows you to tap into your highest potential, live a more vibrant and fulfilling life, and empowers you to live authentically and with purpose

πŸ•‰ Our High Vibe Tribe Community πŸ•‰

Our High Vibe Tribe is a community of like-minded individuals who come together to elevate their energy, support each other's growth, and promote positivity and well-being in every aspect of life.

Members of our High Vibe Tribe are passionate about personal development, spiritual growth, and living a conscious and purposeful life who often share resources, knowledge, and experiences to inspire and uplift one another.

πŸ€” What Do You Get? πŸ€”



60 MINUTE MASTERCLASS (Live Zoom Class) ~ About that months topic and what impact it has on your emotional, physical, and spiritual health and well being. Helping you to develop awareness on the topic, and teaching you how to do an energy adjustment if necessary.

30 MINUTE GUIDED MEDITATION ~ for Meditation Classes (Live Zoom Session) ~ There will be a guided meditation for each meditation class after the 30 minute talk designed to help you with things such as: tuning into spiritual relationships, other lifetimes, balancing and aligning your energy, keeping your vibration at a higher frequency, as well as clearing any low frequency energy that might be causing issues with different areas of your life.

Q&A SESSION ~ Since this is a live class you may ask Jennifer questions. This is also a good time for a group discussion.

* If you cannot attend, there will be A VIDEO of the talk and guided meditation sessions that will be uploaded 24 - 48 after the live zoom class. *


ACCESS TO ALL MEDITATIONS AND CLASSES ~ You will also have access to all past meditations or masterclasses for FREE. As well as new monthly classes. As part of the club, there will be meditations added each month.


COMMUNITY ~ Being part of our high vibe tribe provides a sense of belonging, connection, and support. It offers a safe space where individuals can freely explore their spiritual and personal growth journeys without judgment. The collective energy of the tribe amplifies each member's intentions, manifestations, and transformations.


ENERGY REPORTS & UPDATES ~ Understanding current energy and how it affects you is an important part of navigating your spiritual journey. Especially when you are in various stages of a spiritual awakening. This helps you learn how to differentiate and categorize energy appropriately.

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Your Instructor

Jennifer O'Neill
Jennifer O'Neill


My name is Jennifer O'Neill and I am a Spiritual Healer, Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive, Energetic Practioner.

For the past 30 years I've worked professionally in the metaphysical, spiritual health and wellness space. As a healer I have always been very interested in using my areas of expertise to teach people about metaphysics and how to use their own intuitive abilities. As well as, helping to heal others with my own abilities and knowledge on how to work with energy.

I was born looking at the world differently than most everyone else around me. The funny thing is I thought everyone was like me.

It wasn’t until I got older that I realized…I was born with a very special connection to the Spirit Realm.

This connection has allowed me to access things you can benefit from. Lots of information on how things work in the spiritual realm, how things work energetically in the physical realm, understanding universal laws, as well as how your energetic system and spiritual body affects your physical health. This information can help you to enhance your life and help you to live the best life possible.