Are You A Moon Child?

You may find yourself wondering, "What's a moon child?"

A moon child is someone born with a unique spiritual connection to universal and planetary energy.

Moon children are especially sensitive to energy waves, planetary shifts/changes, and lunar cycles. They have a deep soul connection to the moon, planets, and universal energy.

So how do you become a moon child?

  • Past Lives - You've lived many past lives working with moon or universal energy. Performed rituals, astrology, seer, etc.
  • Spiritual Theme - You work with moon or universal energy when you are in the spirit realm as part of your job or theme.
  • Universal Experience - You've lived many lives on other planets, or in other realms, also referred to as a star child.
  • Training - You are part of a "star council". Star council members are very well versed with knowledge involving other planets, moons, stars, and universal energies. They help to regulate interactions with other realms.

Even if you have no recollection of any of these things (which is common), most likely you are more familiar with the "signs" of a moon child.

7 Signs You're A Moon Child

1) You are sensitive to moon phases.

2) You are sensitive to energy waves.

3) You are fascinated or drawn to anything regarding the moon, stars, planets, or other worlds.

4) You are fascinated or drawn to working with universal energy such as universal laws, law of attraction, or manifestation.

5) You are attracted or drawn to gemstones or crystals.

6) You are drawn to movies with other worlds, star travel, etc. Such as Star Wars, Thor, etc.

7) You experience a home sick feeling but you don't know why.

You don't know why but you just feel different...

But that doesn't mean your alone, in fact you're not! There's a whole tribe of us out there!

However, it's important for you to know that there's a reason you're a moon child...

You were born with a UNIQUE ABILITY to work "with" MOON ENERGIES. This is why you're extra sensitive to this type of energy when other people are not.

The problem is you need to be TAUGHT how to "tune in" to these energies and adjust accordingly. Because it doesn't do you a whole lot of good to just be sensitive to the roller coaster of energies that are consistently changing, without experiencing any of the good stuff!

That can just leave you feeling like an emotional mess...if you think this could be you, take the quiz below. :)